Disposable Medical Injection

Disposable Medical Injection

A syringe is a simple responding pump that consists of a plunger that tightly fits within a cylindrical tube also known as a barrel. However, in modern syringes, it comes in the form of a piston. You can linearly pull and push the plunger along the inside of the tube. It helps in taking the liquid in and expelling excess fluid or gas through a discharge orifice that is at the open front end of it. The front opening of the syringe can hold a hypodermic needle, a nozzle or tubing. The tubing can direct the flow into and out of the barrel.

Syringes have vast use in clinical medicine. It helps in administering injections, infusing intravenous therapy into the bloodstream, etc. Also, it helps in applying compounds such as lubricant, glue, and in drawing /measuring liquids.

The barrel of a syringe is of glass or plastic. It has progressed marks that indicate the volume of fluid in the syringe. It is always almost transparent. You can sterilise the glass syringes in an autoclave.

However, most modern medical syringes are of plastic. These come with a rubber piston. It is because this variety seals in a much better way between the piston and the barrel.

Also, since these are cheap enough to dispose of after single-use, it reduces the risk of spreading blood-borne or other contagious diseases. Reuse of syringes and needles can spread diseases such as hepatitis, HIV, etc. among intravenous drug users. Also, diabetic people reuse syringes since they need to take injections several times a day. That is why expensive syringes often become an affordability issue for many users.

Despite the syringe and needle only get used by a single person, this practice is still unsafe. It is because it can spread bacteria from the skin into the bloodstream. Thus, it can cause serious infections.

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