Surgical Face Mask

Surgical Face Mask

Also known as a medical mask or procedure mask, a surgical mask is a crucial element for the health professionals. They wear this during surgery and at the time of nursing. The surgical mask helps catch the bacteria shed in liquid droplets and aerosols from the mouth and nose of the wearer.

The masks can’t protect the wearer from inhaling virus particles, airborne bacteria, etc. These are not as effective as the respirators, such as N95 or FFP masks. These alternative options provide better protection because of their material, tight seal and shape.

The general public in East Asian countries such as China, Japan, and South Korea wear surgical masks all year round. It helps in reducing the chance of spreading airborne diseases. Also, it prevents breathing in the airborne dust particles promoted by air pollution.

Also, these days surgical masks have become a fashion statement. You can see that, particularly in contemporary East Asian culture. This fashion has got reinforced by its popularity in Japanese and Korean pop culture. And it leaves a considerable impact on the youth culture of East Asia.

Also recently, because of the propelling issue of smog in the South and Southeast Asia, the surgical masks and the air filtering face masks are becoming popular. People frequently use this in the major cities in Thailand, India, and Nepal to deal with increasing toxic levels in the air. Also, you can find the use of face masks in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. during the Southeast Asian haze season.

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